ELEMENT+FORM… We are a design+build firm that specializes in Factory built, Pre fabricated homes, studios and additions. We offer each client the flexibility and creativity to design every feature, then blend the elements of that design and sustainable living with the form of a custom, Factory Built home. Creative design, innovative sustainable construction techniques and the team at E+F managing every step of the process come together to deliver an amazing PreFab Perfect home right from the factory.

Our team manages all aspects of the project, from design to completion, our service’s include:

We partner with local architects and designers to bring our clients a one of a kind home. At Element+Form we can get you from just thinking of going modular to living modular!


Modern Architecture has always had a home in Arizona. From past to present, local architects have created magnificent works that embody modern design and green building techniques. At Element+Form we are passionate about modern architecture and design and believe in thinking before building. We believe that limiting waste, time, theft site disturbance, dust and noise from a construction site is good for the owner and good for the neighborhood. So we are collaborating with local architects and designers to bring that thought and passion to a line of exciting Modern Prefab homes to Arizona.

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